About me

The about me sections are always tough...

I’m often described as fun, quirky and constantly overdressed (I’m a huge fan of  suits and tailoring).

I live in Crosby, a little town a few miles north of Liverpool, with my greyhound, Mabel.

One of our favourite leisure activities is taking a trip in our camper van and travelling to coffee shops around the country. My go to drink is an oatmillk flat white while Mabel is fairly content with water and a banana.

When I’m not out with Mabel, I enjoy sewing. I tend to sew dresses and dog clothes. I love learning new techniques and transforming flat textiles into wearable garments. I find the process incredibly relaxing.

Spotting food faster than my dog and practicing couture sewing techniques, have both helped me to appreciate the finer details you might choose for your day. 


My photography

Like most photographers that I have met, I developed a real obsession for cameras sometime in my late teens. I bought my first camera from a guy I worked with. I took it everywhere; holidays, nights out, gigs, shopping, countryside walks, everywhere. It wasn't a particularly fancy camera but, through it, I fell in love with the act of taking a photograph. It is exciting to capture a moment of emotion, or humour.

Wedding photography appeals to me because I want to follow the passion of the day. I get a real buzz when left to roam around the wedding, capturing the moments you may never have noticed happening during the day itself.

I tend to shoot with small, inconspicuous cameras. These help with the candid style of wedding photography I enjoy. 

I would be delighted to spend some time with you to make sure we understand each other and to be certain that you find the perfect photographer for your wedding day. Send me a message using the get in touch button below.